5th Grade Field Trips

Field Trip Information and Photos

The 2013-2014 school year has an amazing amount of field trip opportunities! We will visit the Belwin Outdoor Science Learning Center for outdoor environmental learning and National Park Service along the Mississippi River in Ocobert. We will experience the  U of M Physics Force in December to experience science concepts within the study of Physics.  In conjunction with the Physics Force, we also experience a week long study at STARBASE applying some of the physics concepts in a hands-on environment.  This is an intensive program in which students learn concepts involving space and physics around space colonization. This school year we will be spending time studying native people groups of early North America. We will focus our study on the Dakota people of the Twin City area by studying the BDote sights and spending a day traveling to the different sights to experience the land and its resources.  We will once again be attending the Children's Festival at the Ordway Music Hall  in May to listen to and enjoy music selections from different cultures. We hope the students enjoyed each field trip's learning opportunities.


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